Safety Policy

In the face of growing industrial changes and culture, we will try our very best to render our work personnel and worksites are safe. Work Safety Culture, Education and Implementation will be our core value when undertaking any projects and ...


Quality Assurance Policy

In any service rendered or projects undertaken, we will take utmost care to ensure the intended usage of the services or product will be given or manufactured with suitable quality and care. We wish to provide the best quality with the reasonable ...


Business Ethics Policy

We are a group of Engineers collectively coming together to serve our clients. In the course of our operations, we will respect and protect all communications, commercial and technical information that is given to us by our clients. When discharging ...


About Us

Royal TRUE STAR ENGINEERING Co., Ltd (RTS), Myanmar, is formed with the intent to provide Quality Engineering Services to the Myanmar market. With combined operational, technical and commercial exposure locally and abroad, RTS aims to ensure quality service and production of projects it undertakes.

RTS specializes in Steel Fabrication, Pipes & Tubes and Electrical Installation works. To meet quality and cost effective demands of the market, RTS will have a project and client driven, proactive approach to how we operate. We hope to delight you with our professional experience and quality within a reasonable schedule and price.

Our Experience